Discover the world’s easiest one piece drop-lock system for flooring installation

The best and easiest one piece, drop-lock system on the market for patented floor locking systems: 3L TripleLock and Click4U. Ideal for all products now in high demand!

I4F is the original creator and provider of the best solution in the industry for the short side! 3L TripleLock and Click4U; an angle-system for the long side combined with 3L TripleLock on the short side.

Our system is protected by a sound international patent portfolio, based on a threefold locking mechanism, suitable for all materials including luxury vinyl tiles, rigid core flooring (RCF), multi-layer flooring (MLF), laminate and wooden flooring panels.

I4F’s technology is being used around the world.

“With some important patents to expire, our one piece drop-lock system offers the industry a faster, most cost-effective way to manufacture environmentally friendly solutions in a sustainable way”

Gijs Rooijens | Legal Counsel